Forged like
    tempered steel from 40+
years in the hot cauldron of customer service, Fast
Freddie also known as
   "The Shed Man" masquerades as a mild
    mannered retiree while sleeping.  However,
    when the sun rises in River City, he becomes
    "The Shed Man" - committed to a never-
     ending hunt for unusual quality items to
     sell in his eBay store, Beasley's Shed.

     Who is Fast Freddie? Magician, Navy
    veteran, civil service security officer,
    armored truck driver, manufacturing mgr,
    exec recruiter, QC inspector, field service
    rep, national service manager, realtor, retail
    store owner and corporate CEO with
    extended travel in     Europe.
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Click Here to Visit Beasley's Shed at eBay!

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